With nothing more than the NuCalm mobile app and a bluetooth speaker, you could have the best sleep of your life - tonight.

  Zero Drugs, 100% Neuroscience

Not all sleep is created equal. Unlike unnaturally induced sleep from drugs or alcohol, SleepSuite gives you the best sleep neuroscience can offer with DeepSleep, and adds powerful tools to spot solve for poor sleep, exhaustion, or even just to overcome that afternoon hurdle. We spend a third of our lives asleep, maximize your time spent in bed by giving yourself the best sleep scientifically possible, with Sleepsuite.

SleepSuite supports a healthy sleep rhythm with clinically proven neuroscience. DeepSleep provides a healthy, restful complete night’s sleep, while Rescue and PowerNap give you deep restorative recovery as well as the world’s best power nap in 20 minutes.

Your brain needs sleep to perform at its best, and you need your brain to perform at your best. Our SleepSuite plan bundles all of our best rest and recovery channels into one convenient package so you can make amazing, restful sleep your secret superpower.

SleepSuite makes your brain your greatest sleep ally. Our patented neuroacoustic platform uses the NuCalm mobile app to gently guide your brain into a healthy and restful sleep state with zero effort required.

How to Use SLEEPSUITE to Get Your Best Sleep

NuCalm's revolutionary technology requires nothing more than the NuCalm mobile app and your best headphones. Each NuCalm channel's algorithm is engineered to produce specific, repeatable results, no matter your current state. To learn more about the channels included in SleepSuite use the links below:


Embracing Immersive Relaxation: The Rescue and PowerNap Experience

Rescue and PowerNap are immersive experiences, meaning, for each one, you should find a safe, comfortable place to lay down, put on an eye mask and your best headphones, select your journey length, press play, and enjoy.

Daily Rescue and PowerNap Sessions: Transforming Stress and Promoting Well-being

Use Rescue or PowerNap each day, between wake up and 3 hours before your bedtime, but ideally between 12pm and 4pm. Rescue provides the most effective recovery, relaxation, and cellular restoration. PowerNap uses the same physics, but does its magic in less time. Daily use will reduce your stress, balance your hormones, help with your mood and digestion, and allow your body to relax and prepare for sleep at bedtime. In addition, you will notice that you will process stress differently. For example, things that used to agitate you, won’t. You will be more responsive and patient with stressors, as opposed to reactive and emotionally sabotaged.

Multiple Daily Uses: Reaping Benefits from Rescue and PowerNap without Disruption

You can use Rescue or PowerNap more than once per day. In fact, you can use these as many times per day as you wish, they can do no harm. Except, do not use Rescue or PowerNap after 7pm because you may feel too energized to fall asleep at bedtime.

DeepSleep: A Nighttime Neuroacoustic Guide for Effortless Slumber

Listen to DeepSleep each night in your bedroom with a speaker. The DeepSleep neuroacoustic software delivers lots of information to your brain as it gently guides you to sleep. The small speaker on a mobile device cannot provide enough frequency range to be effective. Select an 8-hour journey and enjoy falling asleep with ease. During the night, if you wake up, DeepSleep should help guide you back to sleep with ease.Text

Mid-Night Wakefulness Solution: NuCalm Rescue for a Swift Return to Sleep

In the event you awaken in the middle of the night, and you are awake for more than 15 minutes, instead of getting agitated and further energized, put on NuCalm Rescue 70, 100, or 120 with headphones and you will fall back to sleep.Text

NuCalm SLEEPSUITE: A Consistent Path to Better Sleep and Enhanced Health

The NuCalm SLEEPSUITE channels are predictable, safe, easy to use, reliable, and cumulative. The more you use these channels, the healthier and more balanced your mind and body becomes in addition to dramatically improving your sleep quality. Over time, your immune strength will increase, your stress resilience will increase, and your inflammation will decrease, simply by consistently managing your stress without drugs and improving your sleep quality.Text

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